Online Personal Training

Get Results!

It is time for you to make a REAL change in your lifestyle and STRIVE to improve your overall health.  Let’s MOVE Better! Let’s FEEL Better! Personal Training by Marie is all about changing your life and achieving your personal best. When you train with Marie, whether in person or Online, you’ll not only receive one-on-one training with a certified professional trainer, but you’ll also:

  • Learn correct form of exercises based on your abilities
  • Receive advice, encouragement and feedback
  • Gain confidence and motivation

How It Works

Marie’s Personal Training provides a focused, structured environment and the dedicated personal service and attention to detail that can be missing from other fitness and/or post-rehab programs. Marie understands that each of her clients has individual goals, needs and abilities. She is able to adjusts your training program accordingly.

At your first session, Marie will conduct a personal evaluation and assessment. She will keep the fitness routine fresh and functional, by diversifying the session activities and making them enjoyable, while at the same time taking care to prevent injury.  Marie will motivate you, energize you and win you over with her positive attitude.  Each session will offer comprehensive feedback as well as an action plan for you to do in-between sessions.

Marie is valued by her clients for her patience and persistence. She will pay close attention to be sure to prescribe you functional exercises that will improve your performance in your daily activities and avoid injury. She presently works with individuals who want to FEEL BETTER and BE HEALTHIER including:

  • Active Seniors
  • Individuals with Cardiovascular and/or Metabolic diseases
  • Individuals with Orthopedic Conditions
  • Individuals with Neurological Conditions
  • Individuals Post Cancer treatment
  • Individuals looking to improve their Cognitive Function

Please Contact Marie to set up a consultation and quote for Strong Mind Strong Body’s personal training services, or call (239) 699-8281 for more information today!