Online Health & Fitness Classes

Marie is now able to offer a diversified Menu of Health & Fitness classes. Below is a list of the different classes Marie is able to offer weekly online with their descriptions. Be sure to check her Blog to see her Program schedule each week to enroll.  You don’t want to miss taking part in her classes from the comfort of your own home or anywhere you might be located and still have your own privacy. Please view our class descriptions listed below.

Let’s have a Ball!

Take your training to the next level. Let’s Have a Ball! is about having a great time doing exercises that will use different styles of balls as our equipment.  This class focuses on improving your cognitive function while still challenging your strength, mobility, posture, balance, trunk strength (core) and stabilization.

Cardiovascular & Muscular Endurance

Keep your heart strong and healthy, reduce stress, increase metabolic rate, protect your bones and muscles from injury, maintain bone density, tone your muscles….with so many benefits why wouldn’t you want to participate?!  Let’s feel empowered with Cardiovascular & Muscular Endurance.

Let’s Heal with Posture & Flexibility by Marie

Increase your ability to move your joints more effectively through a complete range of motion. The goal of the class is to break fascia to improve circulation, performance in daily activities and to breath better. To heal. Posture & Flexibility will improve your spinal alignment, posture & breath better. It will also teach you in the spiritual level to be connected.

Let's Get Balanced!! With Marie

Let’s get balanced and improve the communication between our brain and muscles by doing Balance Training. Mobility + Stability = Mostability. In this class we will be working to better the stability and mobility of our joints and muscles with movement. The exercises included in this class will improve your agility and stability of gait and ability to prevent fails while paying particular attention to lower extremity proprioception.

Stabilizing the “Trunk” with Movement by Marie

This class is for everyone! By improving strength and mobility in our midsection muscles we develop the mostability of our “Trunk”. Our “Trunk’s” mostability is vital for proper posture, balance, performance, and for fluidity of movement in every day tasks. In this class we give our center of power the attention it’s been lacking but deserves.

Relax & Stretch with Marie

Whether you just woke up, finished a challenging exercise class, came from a long walk or is the end of a stressful day, your body will benefit from 25 minutes of gentle movements which will allow you to stretch different areas of your body and therefore will also increase your circulation bringing you to a state of relaxation.

Rise & Shine: Time to Wake Up & Move!! With Marie

Let’s Wake up and Move!  This class will challenge your most important muscle, your heart. For 25 minutes we will perform exercises in which the main objective is to not stop moving in order maintain your heart rate up. Come on and put some upbeat music and join Marie as she will show you so many different ways we are able to move our bodies and have fun at the same time.